BMTCA was created by a group of entrepreneurs who identified the market demand for an organization that would provide a mechanism for registering, displaying and monitoring project and programme outcomes and the effectiveness of their social and environmental responsibility actions.

Faced with numerous scams, high disclosure costs, misleading advertising pertaining to sustainability actions, double counting, they was noticed that, when it comes down to the environmental credits scenario, one of the means by which to rebuild the corporate social and environmental responsibility image of any institution is to present them in a more transparent light, through a public registry that would give the general public access to information about developments in the projects and the generation of credits by third party activities.

BMTCA was conceived with the purpose of becoming a problem solving tool for image risks and provides systematic monitoring and evaluation for the effectiveness of programme and projects by using information technology resources.
Established in November 2009, BMTCA was originally created to meet the demand for environmental asset transactions, specifically to serve as registry for the Brasil Mata Viva Programme credits, known as UCSVT BMV, for which it is the Official Registry and issuer.

Today, BMTCA has a technology and expertise infrastructure that allows it to fulfil the registry needs of several projects and various credits, offering to the market a secure and credible service with the option to receive auditing by an institution of internationally recognized standardization institution.