Security and Technology

The BMTCA registry system is structured on a software that stores documents and follows processes that are used as tools for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of projects and promme with environmental, social, cultural and economic scope. All credits are issued and tracked on the Registry Platform through a unique serial number. The account holder has the option to allow partners and stakeholders, and other account holders, to visualise, on the platform, the transfer as well as retirement of credits.

The BMTCA data registry infrastructure prevents double counting, as it relates to credits posted, offering a series of reports, available to the public, that create a virtual audit map of all operations, to ensure the integrity of the titles always.

The company's business model is founded on concepts of transparency and security. It is for that exact reason that BMTCA considers the information it harbours as its main asset. Information
security is critical to ensure reliability of service and integrity of the institution itself, its participants and the markets it serves.

In order to meet such a high standard of excellence in information security, BMTCA chose TOTVS to develop its registry software. TOTVS is a leading software developer, for services and technology. It is absolute leader in Brazil, with a 53.1% market share and also in Latin America, with 35.6% (according to Gartner), the largest manufacturer of software and applications based in an emerging country and the 6th largest in the world.