Product and Service

Project Registry Service:

  • Allows investor to access essential information about programme and projects and the monitor development, ensuring security, traceability and transparency as a whole.

Document, information and instrument Registry System that corroborate the existence and results of:

  • Environmental Credits
    Titles of environmental nature that represent functions or services that relate to the preservation and mitigation of negative impacts on the environment. Refers to all assets,
    including those not typically considered economic, but that harbour indirect benefits, inherent benefits, alternatives and whose existence cannot normally be translated to monetary terms.
  • Cultural Credits
    Titles that represent the valuation of cultural and historic heritage that will be preserved through the application of the Program.
  • Social Credits
    Titles that represent the redirecting of investment towards the social spectrum, with the valuating of the benefits of the application of the programmes in education and infrastructure, improving the quality of life and development.
    Commodities produced as a result of sustainable production processes and the application of best land use practices, material reuse techniques, local resources, with reduced waste.
  • Carbon and Sustainability Credits Standards in general;
  • Methodologies and Processes of Sustainable Development Projects and Programmes;
  • Project Monitoring.

Efficiency index measurement technology.

Traceability of project activities.