The Company

BMTCA is an institution for registry of document, programme, project and process that, through the use of registry platform technology, allows users and the general public to track the progress, results and performance of the programme, listed projects and, consequently, to gauge the effectiveness of specific actions.

BMTCA’s expertise lies in registering programme, projects and actions of a social and environmental responsibility nature, developed by all segments of business and industry.

By succesfully using this tool, the platform user can demonstrate to the market, with real-time updates, the performance and effectiveness of the Project and Programme activities. The BMTCA collaborators include of economists, market analysts, entrepreneurs, as well as professionals in the fields of information technology and international relations.





BMTCA brings to the market an innovative, safe and transparent way for companies and institutions to showcase their corporate image, by using their social, environmental and economic responsibility activities, actions, programme and projects.

BMTCA’s main goal is to register information and documents that endorse, to the global market, the transparency, security and traceability of programmes projects and activities, stocks, titles, credits and assets, of a sustainable nature.

The developers of the progamme projects as well as investors in carbon, biodiversity, cultural and sustainability credits have found in BMTCA, a registry and document management platform that allows verification and monitoring the progress of sustainable development projects and programme, the ownership history of carbon, biodiversity, cultural and sustainability titles.


Today, it is the official registry of the UCSVT BMV – Brasil Mata Viva Sustainability Credit Units – generated and traded through the BMV credit system, as well as all the products of the Brasil Mata Viva Local Development Poles.

The services provided by BMTCA include verifying, recording and making publicly accessible, in a systematic manner, the events that generate, characterise and certify credits and products.


Investors, auditors and the general public can access, via the Internet, and track information that legitimises the existence and history of the credits that they use for environmental (carbon,

biodiversity, water), social and economic mitigation. 


Developers of the Programme Projects and credit owners, willing to prove their credibility and transparency to the market, may use the BMTCA registry system to post and transfer titles once they have undergone the due verification, together with all the information provided on the origin and processes.

International accreditation is reached by the monitoring of well reputed auditors, which certifies the safety of our processes.