Important Notice


Companies and agencies have been unduly making use of materials branded or associated with the Brasil Mata Viva Group to sell BMV titles and products, without obtaining prior authorisation for this activity. It is with this in mind that we would like to publicly reiterate that all Brasil Mata Viva products, methodologies and services, including, but not limited to, Sustainability Credit Unit Titles - UCSVT BMV, are printed with unique codes that grant access to an online registry system(, through which products can be validated and verified, and which allow the user to monitor and closely follow his or her projects.


Any materials or products that are not properly registered in the BMV Platforms, and that do not have the printed system access codes are NOT authentic products and may not be commercialised. As such, they have no market or project value. All BMV projects and products are available for access and listed online, otherwise they are unauthorised and may even be fraudulent. We encourage certificate holders to contact Brasil Mata Viva ( to verify the legitimacy of any BMV products purchased outside of our distribution system.


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